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CSL Disclosures and Transparency

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CSL Behring

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Modern Slavery
Each year, the Board approves CSL’s Statement on the Prevention of Human Trafficking, Slavery and Forced Labour. The Statement details the steps the CSL Group is currently undertaking to address and prevent modern slavery. CSL published its first statement in 2016.

Tax Transparency
Seqirus is guided in tax matters by a CSL board-approved tax philosophy which among other things, commits the company to publishing an annual Tax Transparency Report. Our first report was published in 2018.

EFPIA Disclosure Code
At Seqirus, we believe the nature and scope of our cooperation with healthcare professionals and organisations should be clear and transparent to the public. In Europe, we use the principles within the EFPIA Disclosure Code to calculate the Transfers of Value to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations and discloses reports for each European country annually.

This publication does not grant a general permission for those accessing the website to undertake additional processing of the healthcare professionals data, such as crossing the data with information published in other companies’ websites.

UK Gender Pay Gap Report

Seqirus is committed to workforce diversity and equity, as detailed in our Code of Responsible Business Practice. In accordance with UK regulations, Seqirus discloses gender pay gap information relating to our UK operations. Our first report covered 2017 and is published annually.

California Health and Safety Code Declaration
Seqirus is committed to meet its annual commitment to be in compliance with the California Health and Safety Code. Seqirus has adopted a Compliance Plan establishing a compliance program that is aligned with the United States Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General’s “Compliance Program Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers” and includes policies and procedures consistent with the 2021 Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America revised “Code on Interactions with Health Care Professionals.”
CSL Seqirus UK Privacy Notice

Please see the privacy notice below for information about how CSL Seqirus UK processes personal data in connection with its stakeholder engagement activities.
CSL Seqirus Disclosure Reports 

CSL Vifor

CSL Vifor Disclosures

CSL Vifor Patient Organisations - Methodological Note

CSL Vifor Public, including Patients and Journalists

CSL Vifor Public 2022

CSL Vifor Privacy Notices

Transparency is an important aspect of data privacy. In addition to privacy and cookie notices regarding the collection and use of personal data from this website, CSL Vifor posts our privacy notices for medical information enquiries and pharmacovigilance activities. For other kinds of activities involving personal data, CSL Vifor sends privacy notices directly to the relevant data subjects, or makes them readily available in other ways depending on what is most appropriate under the circumstances.

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