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Iron Deficiency & Iron Deficiency Anaemia

Leaders in Iron Deficiency

Iron deficiency indicates a condition in which iron levels are below the minimal threshold. In the human body, iron has a wide and fundamental role. It is needed for the proper functioning of many systems, including the heart, muscles and red blood cells. It also plays a vital role in the immune system, the development of the brain and cognitive function. If iron levels fall too slow and are not treated, patients may experience unpleasant symptoms that affect the quality of life.

Iron deficiency is a very common condition. Studies show that it affects up to one third of the global population, in other words one every three people may be iron deficient. Despite its high occurrence and its potentially serious consequences for patients’ health, iron deficiency remains an overlooked, under-diagnosed and under-treated conditions.

At CSL, we are committed to raising awareness of the symptoms and serious health consequences of iron deficiency, ensuring that many more patients receive appropriate treatment. 

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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Although anyone can be affected by this condition, iron deficiency with or without anaemia affects more often people suffering from chronic diseases, such as chronic heart failure, chronic kidney disease or inflammatory bowel diseases, as well as pre-menopausal and pregnant women, and even children. It also affects patients undergoing surgical or medical treatments.

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Our Products for Iron Deficiency and Anaemia

CSL Vifor has been a pioneer in the development of iron-based products and has established itself as a global leader in the treatment of iron deficiency. Our leadership is built on our scientific, regulatory and commercial expertise, resulting in the creation of globally trusted brands.

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Iron Deficiency Patient Andy

Patient Stories

Patients are at the center of everything we do and we are committed to identifying and supporting under-served therapeutic areas. By working closely with patients and integrating their voice across key areas of our business , we can develop solutions that benefit them in the best possible way and improve standards of care.

Pictured: Iron deficiency patient Andy
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