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Local Empowerment for Advocacy Development

No one knows their condition and the barriers they face better than our patients, and we believe in enabling them to be their own best advocates for better care. We offer a unique advocacy program, called LEAD Grants, that help at the patient organization level.

CSL Behring Local Empowerment for Advocacy Development (LEAD) Grants are community-based grants of approximately $10,000 (in the United States) / €10,000 (in Europe). These grants are intended to help local patient organizations achieve their advocacy objectives. CSL Behring will award LEAD Grants to organizations that submit proposals demonstrating that financial assistance would help them address important local and state advocacy issues and initiatives.

Local patient organizations have already demonstrated significant leadership in tackling complex legislative and regulatory public policy issues. Advocacy can, however, be costly. CSL Behring LEAD Grants will help defray these costs. Moreover, CSL Behring will work with the grant recipients to advance their objectives in order to obtain success.

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