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Sustainability at CSL

Pictured: HAE Patients Cheryl, Leah & Emma

Driven by Our Promise

Family outsideCSL is committed to a healthier world. Our vision is a sustainable future for our employees, communities, patients and donors, inspired by innovative science and a values-driven culture.

For over a century we have earned trust by striving to fulfill our promise to improve the lives of our patients and donors and safeguard public health. And we remain committed to providing innovative medicines with an unparalleled level of care to drive a sustainable future for generations to come.

This promise means we will never stop reimagining what it means to provide care. That extends to all our stakeholders. The sustainable growth of our business relies upon us staying true to our purpose, driving responsible and ethical behaviours with integrity and further embedding sustainability considerations and practices across our organisation. While it won't be without challenges, we are committed to this path.

Our goal is a healthier world—and we believe we’ll get there through a passionate focus on purpose and a relentless pursuit to always care, always dare and always change for the better. Through our determination, combined with our unique combination of R&D focus, operational excellence and commercial strength, we endeavor to grow by maintaining the trust we’ve earned as a reliable partner, conducting business ethically and consistently delivering on the promises we make.

We are committed to continuing this legacy. This is our promise.

Our Sustainability Strategy

We have identified ten focus areas across three strategic pillars that, over the medium- to long-term, will help us achieve our sustainability objectives. We will reduce environmental impacts across our operations; strengthen societal health through the development of new therapies and the continued supply of life-saving vaccines, plasma and other therapies; and foster a safe, inclusive and rewarding workplace that embraces diversity, equity and inclusion and provides opportunity.

While our strategy directs our focus to areas of specific importance, we will always have a strong foundation of best-practice corporate governance, an area of strength for CSL.

Our Sustainability Strategy supports delivery of our 2030 plan.

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Delivering on our promise to preserve a healthier planet.

  • Integrate sustainability into business decisions
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Minimise end-to-end production of waste through removal, reduction & recycling
  • Increase efficiency and reduce carbon emissions / waste throughout our supply chain
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Providing better care for brighter days ahead.

  • Maintaining our trust with donors through a focus on their experience and wellbeing, and their communities
  • Strengthen societal health through access to our existing products and therapies and investment in innovation
  • Enhance our industry position as a patient-focused leader
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Sustainable Workforce

It’s the people behind our promise that makes us different.

  • Raise awareness, visibility and engagement of sustainability across the end-to-end working experience for our employees
  • Communicate to, and engage with employees through programs that maximise diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Ensure all CSL employees have access and opportunity to participate in community giving programs and volunteerism for local needs 

Our Approach to Sustainability

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is a foundation of our approach to sustainability, and we have identified our key stakeholders as patient groups, employees, investors, regulators, suppliers, government, healthcare professionals, plasma donors, business partners and the academic and scientific community. Learn More about Our Engagement

Material Topics

Our sustainability focus areas are further guided by our material topics, which guide continuous improvement across our operations and transparency in areas that matter most to our key stakeholders.

CSL’s Executive Sustainability Committee has overall responsibility for the materiality process and executes a global materiality assessment on a biennial basis. In 2021/22, we concluded our fifth assessment and followed the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards of sustainability context, materiality, completeness and stakeholder inclusiveness through our process of identification, review and prioritisation. Learn More About Our Material Topics

Sustainability Governance

Our Purpose and Values form the foundation of CSL's global commitment to sustainability. Our Code of Responsible Business Practice further guides and shapes the way we do business. It defines our ethical standards and sets out our commitment to sustainable development.

Sustainability is governed by CSL's Executive Sustainability Committee. The Committee facilitates the development of our sustainability targets and drives awareness, integration and continuous improvement throughout the Company. The Committee reports to the CEO/ Managing Director and is further supported by the Board's committees.

View Our Code of Responsible Business Practice

Support for the UN Sustainable Development Goals SDGs

We continue to be guided by the General Assembly of the United Nations’ (UN) 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The goals seek to address global challenges, including those related to health and wellbeing, inequality, innovation and climate change.

For CSL, these goals continue to inform our 2030 and sustainability strategies and we have identified SDGs 3, 5, 9 and 13 as key goals where our sustainability performance can positively support their achievement.

Our Performance

Performance across our strategic pillars will support execution of our 2030 Strategy and our promise to improve the lives of patients and protect public health. Our pillar focus areas are further guided by our material topics, which inform continuous improvement across our operations and transparency in areas that matter most to our key stakeholders.

2022/23 Annual Report (includes Sustainability) Interactive PDF
For Prior Year's Performance: Link to our Data and Reporting Centre

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