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Hot Weather Advice for Storing Meds

This summer’s record heat can make it tough to keep medicines at the temperature they need to be. Get tips for proper storage.


In mid-July, it was 100 degrees (38 C) in Rome and 102 (39 C) in Dallas, Texas. That’s scorching weather if you’re trying to keep temperature-sensitive medicines from getting too warm. Storage can be a challenge when traveling or anytime you’re away from a climate-controlled environment.

Below you’ll find advice from the Immune Deficiency Foundation, which advocates for people with primary immunodeficiencies who may use infusion medicines, which are “biologics.” These medicines are delivered by IV (intravenously) or subcutaneously and contain proteins that make the medicine effective.

Talk with your health care team if you have questions about how to properly store your medicines.

Tips for keeping medicines cool in the heat