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Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

At CSL, we are committed to providing safe, healthy and secure workplaces for our employees, other persons present on our premises and the communities in which we operate.

CSL business unit leaders and site leaders are accountable for health and safety in the workplace. We employ dedicated Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) managers and teams at all our manufacturing sites. Local executive management teams monitor health and safety performance, with consolidated performance reviews conducted regularly by CSL’s Enterprise Risk Management Committee.

CSL has an Environment, Health and Safety Management (EHSM) System that its facilities operate to industry and regulatory standards. This system includes compliance with government regulations and commitments for continuous improvement of health and safety in the workplace, as well as minimising the impact of operations on the environment. To drive this system, CSL implemented an EHSM Standard.

The EHS team works collaboratively with site operations management and employees to proactively identify and correct workplace hazards, strengthen communication, define roles and responsibilities and promote a companywide culture of safety at all of our manufacturing, laboratory and office locations. This safety culture improvement journey fosters employee involvement in our workplace EHS programs, promotes awareness and strives to maintain a safe workplace for all. With our unwavering commitment to employees, we have established targeted improvement plans to address our performance.

Caring for our people

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The health and wellbeing of our employees is a top priority at CSL, and we have implemented numerous programs to enhance our support of employees’ physical, emotional and financial health especially in light of the pandemic. Some enhancements have included:

  • offering employees two wellness days for the third year in a row so they have time to focus on their physical and emotional wellbeing when they need it most;
  • expanding and modernising CSL’s global Employee Assistance Program by providing eight behavioural health sessions to all employees and their dependants at no cost and with improved access to providers;
  • promoting use of Headspace/Lyra, a mental health and wellbeing app, among employees in nearly all locations;
  • augmenting CSL’s existing leave offerings by providing more options to assist global caregivers with paid time off and accommodate those who need additional time away from work;
  • reviewing and adjusting health and risk coverage in all major geographies to ensure employees have access to care specifically needed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, including coverage for death and disability, inpatient and outpatient services, COVID-19 testing, vaccination, telemedicine, and paediatric/maternal care;
  • providing family formation benefits and gender affirmation coverage to employees in US locations; and
  • offering employees in US locations additional support to help them find and pay for back-up care for children, elder and pets

Listening to our people

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We continue listening to our employees’ views on critical aspects related to working at CSL. Each year, we invite employees to provide feedback on numerous important topics, such as our CSL Values and culture, employee engagement and development, collaboration across the enterprise, CSL’s Vision and decision making through our Employee Engagement Survey. Each member of our Global Leadership Group analyses their respective results to identify a few meaningful engagement objectives and related action plans for the new financial year. We also provide training to our people leaders, helping them interpret team results and identify strengths on which to build or opportunities to improve.