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Providing Better Care for Brighter Days Ahead

Meeting the needs of people, patients and communities is the reason we exist. From developing new, innovative therapies for diseases to enabling greater access to life-saving vaccines, protecting the health and wellbeing of our patients and communities around the world sits at the center of our purpose as a business. This includes a heartfelt commitment to the safety and trust of our donors, who make vital therapies possible, and to continuous engagement with the stakeholders we depend upon to fulfill our promise.

We’ll continue to execute on our sustainability strategy with a focus on :

  • Being trusted by donors through a focus on their experience and wellbeing, and their communities
  • Strengthening societal health through access to our existing products and therapies and investment in innovation
  • Enhancing our recognition as a patient-focused leader

Supporting our Communities Around the World

Along with our sustainability strategy, CSL’s community contribution framework helps deliver on our Values and support execution of our 2030 strategy.

CSL's Community Contributions Framework

Focus Area Focus Area Description Alignment with our Values and 2030 Strategy
Support for Patient Communities
  • Enhancing quality of life for patients in the conditions our therapies treat
  • Improving access to our medicines
  • Aligns with CSL’s Values of Patient Focus and Integrity.
  • Supports CSL’s Patient and Public Health and Focus strategic objectives by improving patient outcomes.
Support for Innovation and Science
  • Advancing knowledge in medical and scientific communities
  • Fostering the next generation of medical researchers
  • Aligns with CSL’s Values of Innovation and Collaboration.
  • Supports CSL’s Innovation strategic objective by fueling new breakthroughs, enhancing scientific knowledge and building capability and capacity.
Support for Local Communities
  • Supporting community efforts where we live and work
  • Supporting communities in times of emergency
  • Aligns with CSL’s Value of Superior Performance.
  • Supports CSL’s People and Culture strategic objective by creating an environment that employees feel proud to perform within.

Our approach to community contributions is guided by our Code of Responsible Business Practice and Global Community Contributions Policy. The policy applies to all CSL businesses and employees and is intended to be implemented across the businesses to guide decision-making and management of any form of community contribution, financial or by other means.