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7 Self-Care Tips for Rare Disease Patients

Sleep is an essential part of a healthy routine. But learning to say no also made the list.


Good self-care pays off, but it takes time and energy – two things that can be in short supply for someone who’s living with a rare or chronic illness

“There are many reasons why people with chronic illness will neglect self-care, from feeling as though they simply don’t have the energy to engage in the exercises to feeling undeserving or helpless to create a positive impact on their physiological and/or emotional well-being,” said Dr. Felecia Sumner, a family medicine doctor in suburban Philadelphia and the author of “Fill Your Cup: A Physician's Guide to Caring for Yourself, Creating Your Purpose, and Masterfully Managing Your Condition.” 

Self-care can begin by focusing on how to make life more enjoyable. Here are seven steps to help you get started or refresh your self-care habits.

Infographic featuring a woman in a red superhero cape with tips about sleep, nutrition, exercise and spending time with friends and family