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Nurses Week 2023

We asked CSL’s in-house nurses: What do you value most about the nursing profession?

Thank You Nurses

Do a Google search about what it is like to be a nurse, and you’ll find that it isn’t for the faint of heart. The COVID-19 pandemic made an already physically and emotionally demanding career even more challenging, causing staffing shortages and burnout.

And yet, the majority of nurses still love what they do, according to's 2023 State of Nursing Report.

For Nurses Week 2023, which starts May 6, we asked nurses who work for CSL, a global biotech company, about what they value most about their profession. The nurses work for CSL business units, including CSL Behring, which makes medicines for rare and serious diseases, and CSL Plasma, which collects donated plasma needed to make plasma-based therapeutics.

Here’s what they said:

Elyse Murphy, Associate Director, Immunology Field Team: “What I value the most are my fellow nurses. Those who choose nursing as their profession have a tenacious flexibility to walk by your side until all is done.”

Janice Malcolm, Medical Staff Associate: “I get the opportunity to care for my patients. Making sure that the patient is on their way to enjoy a better life is a very fulfilling experience.”

Rabecca Muthungu, Medical Operations Supervisor: “Being able to reassure and give hope to others.”

Albert Aguilar, Medical Staff Associate, LVN: “What I value most about being a nurse at CSL Plasma is contributing as an MSA, so that a sick child is able to get the treatments that they need to survive and with the faith in God that someday be free of the disease that they are challenged with.”

Maria Rippstine, Medical Staff Associate: “Caring for people. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to care for someone when they aren’t able to care for themselves.”

Shane Cotta, Medical Staff Associate, LPN: “I value the knowledge I have gained from working alongside colleagues and health care providers in the various specialties I have worked in.”

Kennethia Magee, Medical Staff Associate: “Meeting people from all walks of life.”

Kristy McClellan, Medical Operations Supervisor: “Being able to help others and making patients and donors feel safe.”

Debreeca Byrd, Medical Staff Associate: “I value the love and compassion I share and the smiles and gratitude I get in return from those I help in the nursing community.”

Kathy Sykora, Medical Staff Associate, RN: “The ability to help others.”

Monica Kernon, Medical Staff Associate, LPN: “I value the diversity and many avenues of nursing. There are so many different areas of this profession that a nurse can venture into. There is no way you can be bored. Change is hard, but worth it!”

Jennifer Falcon, RN/ Medical Staff Associate: “Helping people in their time of need.”

August Brown, RN/ Medical Staff Associate: “I value being a part of, caring for, educating and serving my community.”

Latasha Love, LPN/Medical Operations Supervisor: “I love patient care and observing them become better and healthier. It brings me joy and fulfillment.”

Lisa Wilkins Ford, Medical Staff Associate: “Flexibility throughout my career to be a wife, mother of two grown children and a caregiver for an aging terminally ill parent.”

Christle Joyner, Medical Operations Supervisor: “I value life most, and anything I can do to preserve it within my power.”

Amanda Perdue, Medical Staff Associate, RN: “Being able to help someone when they are most vulnerable.”

Chekia Archie, Medical Staff Associate: “Caring for people who are in need.”

Angela Mendoza, RN/ Medical Staff Associate: “I value my license, and my 36 years of experience. I value the different areas I can have opportunities to work in depending on what my life's needs are at the time. I am always an advocate for patient and donor rights, employee rights and I will fight for them to be fair until I no longer am able.”

Annette Roberson-Ray, Medical Staff Associate: “Helping people, communities, parents and patients.”

Niki Gilley, Medical Staff Associate, LPN: “Security of knowing I will always have a job.”

Tsegereda Tamerat, Medical Staff Associate: “Respecting the dignity of the person you are caring for.”

Charee Adams, Medical Staff Associate, LPN: “My ability to help others.”

Joanna Broussard, LVN/Medical Operations Supervisor: “Being able to help.”

Fawn Williams, Medical Staff Associate, RN: “Making a difference in someone’s life.”

Brenda Thomas, Senior Phlebotomist: “Patient care and the interaction with patients and their families.”

Shawna Colgrove, Medical Staff Associate, RN: “The ability to make an impact on clients through health education is something I value highly.”

Brenda L. Mitchell, RN/BSN/Medical Staff Associate: “Helping donors establish healthy choices.”

Victoria Hysell, Medical Operations Supervisor: “The camaraderie between the leadership team and myself, as well as the camaraderie between my fellow nurses.

Teresa Adame, Medical Staff Associate, RN: “I love the fact that I can care for patients and get to know them and their families.  Nursing also provides me with flexibility to be with my own family as much as possible.

Carla Duff, Infusion Science Specialist, DNP APRN IgCN: “The ability to help and care for those most in need.”