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Listen: Improving the Experience for Clinical Trial Participants

CSL’s Ellyn Getz, Director of R&D Patient Partnerships, visits the Advarra podcast to talk about how clinical research studies can be rebuilt around the needs of participants.

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Clinical trials couldn’t happen without participants so how can research studies evolve to be more convenient and meaningful experiences for those who opt in?

Ellyn Getz, CSL’s Director of R&D Patient Partnerships, took on that question in a recent Advarra podcast. CSL, a biotech company with 30,000 employees, aims to embed the patient voice at every stage of product development, she said. The company develops medicines for people with rare and serious diseases, as well as vaccines.

Advisory boards, partnerships with patient organizations and the use of technologies like telemedicine and texting are part of CSL’s vision of what the clinical trial experience could be, Getz said.

“I think we owe it to patients, not just to show our appreciation for their involvement, but also to recognize them as partners,” she said.

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