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Advice for New Nurses

For Nurses Week 2023, we asked CSL’s nurses which qualities are most important for those who are just starting out.

A photo illustration of a nurse graduating

Each year, newly graduated nurses enter the health care system and begin their careers. They enter a profession that is widely praised and also feeling the pinch of understaffing and burnout, according to the 2023 State of Nursing report by

For Nurses Week 2023, which began on May 6, we asked nurses who work for CSL, a global biotech company, this question: Which qualities are most important for young nurses who are new to the profession?

CSL’s nurses work in several business units, including CSL Behring, which makes medicines for rare and serious diseases, and CSL Plasma, which collects donated plasma to make plasma-based medicines. Here’s what they said:

Victoria Hysell, Medical Operations Supervisor: “Believe in yourself. Confidence in your knowledge and skills will help you through many situations. But never be afraid to ask questions.”

Albert Aguilar, Medical Staff Associate, LVN: “My advice to incoming nurses would be to always treat others like you would like to be treated, always show respect and compassion for the sick, never abuse of your position and always do the right thing.”

Kristy McClellan, Medical Operations Supervisor: “Common sense. You may not know everything or have the answer to some questions, but if you use common sense and provide the best care you can, your donor and/or patient will appreciate you. Also, a smile is extremely important to anyone in need of your care.”

Elyse Murphy , Associate Director, Immunology Field Team: “Tough question as there are many, but integrity and critical thinking coupled with agility and empathy would be those that are most important.”

Kate Carbaugh, Medical Staff Associate: “Remember what brought you to this day and this career.”

Shane Cotta, Medical Staff Associate, LPN: “Humility. Listen to other healthcare professionals and patients and accept that they could give you insight not found in a textbook. This humility will build trust with patients and colleagues.”

Detra Jones, Medical Operations Supervisor: “Never give up.”

Debreeca Byrd, Medical Staff Associate: “I would advise new and young nurses to always be kind and put yourself in the patients’ shoes. I would also advise them to stay strong and stand up for what’s right.”

Jennifer Falcon, RN/ Medical Staff Associate: “The ability to adapt to constant change in the industry and the ability to de-escalate tensions between nursing staff, peers, patients and their family members.”

Carla Duff, Infusion Science Specialist, DNP APRN IgCN: “Ask questions and never stop learning.”

August Brown, RN/ Medical Staff Associate: “Always put safety first, look to learn something new daily, and know that patients trust you completely so never take that for granted. Have a servant’s heart.”

Maria Rippstine, Medical Staff Associate: “Courage and compassion. It takes courage to jump in when no one else will yet do so with compassion. Don’t forget that patients just need a little warmth when they aren’t feeling well.”

Jane Esman “Always listen. Listen to your patients, listen to learn and listen to yourself.”