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Earth Day in Pictures

To celebrate the earth this year, we’re sharing photos taken by CSL employees who have a knack for capturing the natural world.

blue sphere of Earth seen from space

Earth Day is April 22 and there’s no better way to celebrate the earth than to admire it. In the photos below, CSL employees did just that, capturing the outdoor world in their backyards and in the far-off places they have traveled.

CSL, a global biotech company, has a staff of 27,000 employees working around the globe so the photo gallery covers a lot of territory. Just to name a few, the images take us from springtime in Stockholm, where it was still snowy, to a misty morning among the rolling hills of Gippsland in Australia, and then to the United States for Washington, D.C.’s cherry blossoms in bloom with a stop in Indiana for a look at the full moon. Thanks to the photographers for sharing so many fresh angles on our planet.

Gippsland in Victoria, Australia - Richard Czermak


Vista of Gippsland in Victoria, Australia on left. Blue bird perched on a column on right.
Home set against the transitioning sky in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia

Springtime in Stockholm, Sweden - Fredrik Sjoeoe

Snowy Stockholm forest in springtime
Springtime in Stockholm with snow on the ground of the forest

Cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C., USA - Satyen Torne

Branch of pink cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C.

Spring walk in the forests around Marburg, Germany - Vera Isenberg

Blue sky from the mountains of Marburg, Germany and forest fungi
Marburg, Germany, sunset - Christoph Kraft
Orange and pink sunset over a mountain in Marburg, Germany
South rim of Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, USA - Kate Patarcity
South rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA

Santa Croce Mountain in Italy - Erika Maris

Santa Croce Mountain in Italy with snow and cloudless blue sky
Tabebuia Tree in Miami, Florida - Myriam Lagomasino
Tabebuia Tree in Miami, Florida

A beautiful drive through Snoqualmie Pass in Washington state, USA - Bob Sherry

Snoqualmie Pass in Washington state, USA - snow-capped mountain range against a blue sky with puffy white clouds

Full moon in Indiana, USA - Jasmin Allen

Full moon in Indiana, USA

A painted Victoria, Australia landscape - Mike Gong

painting of Victoria, Australia, forest landscape