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Did you know? Bern, Switzerland is one of the most Instagrammed winter locales and it’s home to a CSL Behring manufacturing and research hub.

The snow-dusted Swiss capital city of Bern with the tower of its cathedral against the horizon
© Bern Welcome

Deep in January, winter wonderland scenes abound on Instagram. At the top of that snow-dusted heap is Bern, Switzerland, where CSL Behring has long had a manufacturing site and R&D hub.

A few years ago, the historic town ranked No. 1 when compared to other wintry destinations like Aspen, Colorado and Tromsø, Norway, where you can see the Northern Lights. The analysis was based on the volume of photos bearing hashtag “#Bern” compared to other cities. Back then, #Bern had 1 million mentions, putting it on top. Today, #Bern has 2.6 million posts, still ahead of Aspen at 1.7 million.

Bern, whose Old Town is a United Nations World Heritage site, shines particularly in winter because of its architecture, including a Gothic cathedral (Berner Münster) that dates back to the 1400s. A seasonal ice rink, supported by CSL Behring, pops up each winter in front of the impressive Federal Parliament building in the Swiss capital city.

Pop-up skating rink outside of the Swiss Parliament building in Bern

If you want to follow along on Instagram, search #ILoveBern to see photos both amateur and professional that capture this town along the Aare River. In 2020, CSL Behring employees took their own photos of Bern in winter. See the employee photos.

The photos below are courtesy of Bern Welcome on Instagram at @ilove_bern.

Red train crosses the elevated tracks above the Aare River in Bern, Switzerland.
© Bern Welcome
A frosty Bern, Switzerland, along the Aare River with ice-coated trees.
© Bern Welcome
Two nighttime photos of Bern, Switzerland at night with darkened blue skies and the glow of city lights.
© Bern Welcome