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Surf's Up

It’s a good year to learn to surf. Pro surfer Arran Strong – a rare disease advocate – explains how to get started.


Surfing will be an Olympic sport this year in the Japan games, so you might want to ride that wave by learning how to do it yourself.

Pro surfer Arran Strong – an energetic advocate for the rare disease Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency – has been using his surfing career to raise awareness about the rare disease. Strong has the disease, which can cause both lung and liver problems.

Based in Portugal these days, Strong created a how-to video for anyone who’s ever dreamed of learning to surf. He’s currently competing, participating in the national tour and the World Surf League. He says the big goal on his horizon is qualifying for the 2024 World Surfing Olympics.

Strong also is working with a documentary filmmaker on "Back On Two Feet," a film about how he overcame medical problems to continue his surfing career. We’ll be sharing more about the documentary later this summer.