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Transitioning to a More Sustainable Future

Patrick Castauro, Senior Director, Sustainability and Social Impact at CSL

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CSL’s commitment to fostering a healthier world means delivering for people and the planet. We’ve designed our sustainability strategy around this goal, and our recent emissions reduction targets highlight our commitment to responsible management and the efficient use of natural resources. Both are key to CSL’s sustainable growth.

Reducing carbon emissions

Emissions reductions are a critical pillar of our sustainability strategy and we were proud to announce our new targets in August of last year.

These goals cover our own emissions footprint and include plans to work with our suppliers to help reduce our emissions throughout the value chain. These targets serve as a tangible, transparent roadmap for the work already underway and ahead. They are also in line with Science Based Targets, which seek to limit the global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius (which is what is needed to avoid the worst effects of climate change).

How CSL employees are helping us transition to a sustainable future

CSL’s purpose is to develop and deliver innovative medicines that help people with serious and life-threatening conditions live full lives and to protect the health of communities around the world. Our employees are driven by this purpose and understand that we must also be caretakers of our planet to make this possible.

We are a year into our plan and are committed to embedding and operationalizing our sustainability priorities and goals throughout all levels of our organization. This starts at the top, with oversight of our sustainability strategy by our Board of Directors.

Additionally, we’ve established the Executive Sustainability Committee consisting of global executives with hands-on responsibility for formulating and achieving our sustainability goals. Leaders throughout the organization are working with their respective teams to communicate how these goals translate to specific projects, initiatives and best practices that our teams can adopt and implement.

We look forward to continuing to educate and collaborate at all levels of CSL to bring these critical initiatives to life while inviting feedback and insights to help us realize our vision of a more sustainable future.

How this focus on sustainability aligns with CSL’s core values

We are a business that’s been driven by our purpose and values for over a century. Patient focus, innovation, integrity, collaboration and superior performance are values that have been fundamental to our success – helping us to save lives, protect the health of people and earn our reputation as a trusted and reliable global leader.

These values sit at the core of how we make decisions and interact with one another and the world around us. And so, these values are naturally hard-wired into our sustainability strategy. We believe our values and the people who live them every day are what will enable us to continue to save and improve lives and ultimately, realize our vision of a sustainable future for all our stakeholders and of a healthier world.

What we have done to reduce carbon emissions at both the people and corporate level

As part of our commitment to reducing emissions throughout our operations, we’re taking measurable steps across  our business to innovate and accelerate action to meet our targets. This work is already well underway, led by the purpose-driven people of CSL, and supported with the proper oversight to ensure we remain accountable to our promise.

To achieve these reductions, we have implemented a series of actions, including:

  • transitioning to renewable power, helping to reduce our dependence on high-emission fossil fuels (many of our facilities in Europe have already transitioned to renewable)
  • designing manufacturing facilities for efficient resource use, specifically at our new manufacturing facility at a greenfield site in Tullamarine, Australia, and other best-in-class research and development locations in Marburg, Germany, and Waltham, Massachusetts, in the United States
  • rolling out a series of funded energy efficiency initiatives across our worldwide facilities

We are at the start of transformational change, with many of these early initiatives involving specific roles and functions across the organization. We have also invited and encouraged employees to share some of their innovative ideas for how we can achieve our targets over the longer term.

Over the months to come, as we look to set and advance other environmental targets, we’ll have the opportunity for even greater involvement.

Why sustainability is personally important to me

Through my role and the engagement of so many talented peers and colleagues at CSL, I believe we can make a tangible impact on society and the environment. To be supported in this process, across all levels of the organization, instills in me a significant sense of pride and achievement.

Early in my professional career, I decided that I wanted to engage in an impactful role, drawing on my skills and those of others around me, to make a difference. CSL fosters this environment, for our people, patients, public health, and proudly, the planet.