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Paid Leave for Dads at CSL Plasma

Two employees talk about the value of taking a break to spend time with a new baby.

CSL Plasma employee Corey Brown and infant son
Corey Brown, a CSL Plasma Phlebotomist in Greensboro, North Carolina, and his infant son.

Becoming a parent changes just about everything. Thanks to a new CSL Plasma benefit, two employees recently enjoyed time off from work after the births of their children.

"It gave me time to reflect on what it means to be a father," said Corey Brown, a Phlebotomist in Greensboro, North Carolina. "It wasn't until I got to see my son's face and hold him that I fully realized I would cherish every day I was given to bond with him."

Regional Director of Operations Josh Williamson agreed, saying, "It is really hard to put into words just how valuable being able to spend dedicated time with a growing family is, and what a tremendous benefit the company offers in allowing this time."

A portrait of the Williamson family, including their new baby and young daughter
CSL Plasma Regional Director of Operations Josh Williamson, his wife Danielle, daughter Trixie and son Huxley.

When Williamson and his wife, Danielle, welcomed baby Huxley into their family, the time at home made a difference. He was able to help his wife in recovering from delivery and help daughter Trixie adjust to being a big sister. Williamson previously used the adoption leave benefit when Trixie joined their family.

"Parental leave allowed me to put 100% of my focus into our growing family," he said.

CSL Plasma, which collects donated plasma needed to make medicines, offers paid parental leave for U.S.-based eligible employees who become birth parents, non-birth legal parents, adoptive parents or parents through surrogacy/gestational carrier. An additional 10 weeks of unpaid leave is also available.

In general, the United States lags behind other countries in parental leave policies. Around the world, many other countries guarantee parental leave for fathers.

Brown said becoming a Dad to his son, Avry, has been a learning experience. It made him more patient and confident in managing stressful situations.

"I have come back to CSL Plasma feeling refreshed and ready to work,” he said.