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We Are One CSL

All of CSL’s businesses are Driven by Our Promise – and now carry the CSL name.

We Are CSL featuring business units CSL Behring, CSL Plasma, CSL Seqirus and CSL Vifor

Almost everything about a biotech company is complicated. But its identity should never be so.

That’s why – as we moved into nephrology and iron deficiency with the acquisition of Vifor Pharma this month – CSL paused to realign its structure and brand. With this strategic move forward, CSL reaffirms its values and culture by coming together as one CSL dedicated to saving, improving and protecting life – and branding itself as such.

Learn more at the Driven by Our Promise microsite.

In addition to CSL Vifor*, the businesses of CSL now include CSL Behring, which develops and delivers medicines for patients who have primary immunodeficiency, hemophilia and other diseases; CSL Plasma, one of the world’s largest collectors of plasma used solely for the production of life-saving medicines; and CSL’s influenza vaccine business, CSL Seqirus*.  

We now have 30,000 purpose-driven employees powering CSL’s DNA as we press on toward more scientific discovery and innovation.

As our CEO Paul Perreault says: “Our brand symbolizes how we are more than the sum of our amazing parts and the enhanced value we can bring to our patients with our collective strengths.”

Unifying under the CSL umbrella also helps organize and communicate our consistent focus on quality, health, safety and care for the environment that runs through each of our business units. For more than a century, CSL has been delivering biotech excellence. In the last few years, despite obstacles including a global pandemic, the company has shown drive and flexibility that enabled fast-paced progress.

Today, CSL’s offerings are more diverse than ever to ensure patients and people everywhere get the treatments and vaccines they need. Tomorrow’s scientific discoveries are coming fast. Count on one CSL, driven by its promise, to show up wholeheartedly for everyone we serve.

* CSL will follow the required legal processes of formally changing the names for Vifor Pharma and Seqirus entities in due course.