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Watch: A Last Look at Rare Disease Day 2022

Fly over the sparkling city of Tokyo in this video from Rare Disease Day Japan. On February 28, the Tokyo Tower sent a colorful message about rare disease awareness.


On Rare Disease Day earlier this week, the Tokyo night was even brighter than usual. Along with other landmarks around the world, the soaring Tokyo Tower in Japan shined in the Rare Disease Day colors of blue, green, pink and purple. To enjoy a fly-over view, watch the video above from Rare Disease Day Japan.

Want to learn more about rare disease patients in Japan? In 2020, The Economist Intelligence Unit released an in-depth report on rare disease care in the Asia-Pacific region. Global biotech CSL Behring sponsored the survey of 500 health care professionals, also gathering data from Australia, China, South Korea and Taiwan. The findings informed a white paper focused on the needs of 258 million people in Asia-Pacific who live with one of 7,000 known rare conditions.

The research found that despite generous health care spending in Japan, only about one-quarter of physicians felt patients were receiving the best evidence-based care.

See the full report on Japan.

See a summary of the report in Japanese.