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Nurses Week 2022

We asked CSL Plasma nurses for some words of wisdom and they delivered. "Nursing is a patience sport," says registered nurse Taylor Gonzalez.

Thank you heart and stethoscope

It's not easy to reduce what nurses do to a single sentence, but the American Nursing Association pretty much nails it: "Nurses are the glue that holds a patient's health care journey together."

CSL Behring employs nurses in various roles to support the operations of the global biotech company, which develops and manufactures medicines for rare and serious diseases. Some of those medicines are plasma-derived therapies for people with conditions, such as hemophilia and primary immunodeficiency. During Nurses Week, we asked nurses with CSL Plasma, who staff plasma collection centers, to answer a few questions:

  • What's the most rewarding part of being a nurse?
  • What would you tell a young nursing student who is just starting out?
  • How is working at CSL Plasma different from working in a clinic/hospital?

Here's what they said:

Amanda Driscoll with thank you stethoscope message

Amanda Driscoll, Medical Operations Supervisor, licensed practical nurse, Brewer, Maine:

One of the most rewarding aspects of a career in nursing is the ability to connect with people on such an intimate level. Through my years of nursing, connecting with people in their moments of fear, pain, sorrow, triumphs and joy has profoundly changed me.

With nine years of plasma experience, I joined CSL in January 2021, as part of the Brewer 503 team. It’s important to be part of a company whose core values match mine. I strive daily to make donors aware of the difference they’re making with each donation and educate them on the life-saving benefits of plasma-derived therapies. 

Nurse Zion with thank you stethoscope message

Zion Williams, Medical Operations Supervisor, registered nurse, Toledo, Ohio:

The most rewarding part of being a nurse is knowing you made a difference in that patient’s life and everything you do has been for a reason.

Nurse Taylor with thank you stethoscope message

Taylor Gonzalez, Medical Staff Associate, registered nurse, Peoria, Arizona:

Nursing is a "patience" sport. You must be able to move and react accordingly to all situations. Your mannerisms, intelligence, and ability to communicate solo or as a team, will impact the flow of work.

Nurse Gen stethoscope thank you

Gen Ahmed Alagenio, Medical Staff Associate, registered nurse, Houston, Texas:

Working for CSL Plasma is different than in any other setting because you get to talk with ordinary people in the community during the time that they are well. They will open up things to you about their lives and it makes you realize that all of us regardless of race and/or nationality, we have a lot in common.