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Everyday Trailblazer: Simone Ruedin

At work, she’s a production coordinator ensuring that influenza vaccines are properly manufactured. On the football field, well, watch out.



The struggles of the last two years have shown us something in sharp relief: Scientists are everyday trailblazers.

They’re pioneers who are willing to take risks and forge a path where none currently exits. Trailblazers are innovative thinkers who challenge the status quo, opening new frontiers for others to follow. They are ‘everyday’ people too – parents, partners and friends with eclectic personal interests and passions that contribute to the creative spark needed to drive new and better medical solutions.

In that spirit, CSL has launched a campaign to spotlight eight of its scientists based in Australia, where the global biotech was born more than 100 years ago.

The campaign – which will take various forms, including billboards – will introduce trailblazers like Dave Leong, a samurai sword-wielding biologist who works in R&D at CSL. Today, meet Simone Ruedin, a football-playing vaccine production coordinator with Seqirus, a CSL business that is a world leader in influenza vaccines.

“A lot of my role involves critical thinking so understanding what the issue is … being able to collaborate and then implement these changes and process improvements,” Ruedin said.

Watch the video to see the role sports play in her life. Ruedin, who played college basketball in the United States, now plays Australian rules football, “footy,” with the Darebin Falcons.

“I find the dedication that I have to have with my sport, to be able to play at the level I play at, I can bring aspects of that into my work at CSL.”