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Do the Amazing: CSL Plasma Employees

CSL Plasma staff were deemed essential workers during the global pandemic. We asked them how they feel about the role they play in ensuring the supply of plasma-derived medicines.

CSL Plasma image of a woman in plain clothes and a firefighter. Text says "They help save lives. So can you."

This year, we want to celebrate everyone who donates and collects plasma at a time when the need is critical for this irreplaceable resource used to make life-saving medicines. Today, we’re highlighting CSL Plasma employees.

CSL Plasma staff at 300 centers play a critical role in the process because they welcome donors, ensure they’re qualified to donate and collect plasma that becomes plasma-derived medicines. CSL Behring, a global biotech leader with manufacturing sites around the world, then uses donated plasma to manufacture treatments for immune deficiencies, hemophilia and other conditions.

Here’s what employees had to say about their work, the generosity of donors and their connection to patients who rely on plasma-derived therapies.

Learn more about how to donate plasma.

Angela D.: Every day I see the dedication of our team.
Maurice has seen the number of CSL Plasma centers grow from 99 to 300.
Pari, in a graduation cap and gown, says CSL development programs have helped her continue growing her skills.
Nathan says "every day I see plasma donors do the amazing."