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Welcome to CSL Behring Customer Support

Providing support and service to our United States customers

To place a product order call 800-683-1288 or email the Customer Support Department at

24-hour emergency shipping is available for the following emergency products: Afstyla®, Berinert®, Corifact®, Humate-P®, IDELVION®, Kcentra®, and RiaSTAP®. For a full list of CSL Behring products around the world, click here.

To ensure you are connecting to the correct place, please note our other company contact options:

To report an undesirable effect/adverse event, please email:
To report at Product Technical Complaint (PTC), please email, use this form, call 1-800-504-5434 or fax 1-610-290-0523
If you require information on your patient support program, please visit this page
CSL Behring King of Prussia , PA Office USA

General Information

CSL Behring Corporate Headquarters
1020 First Avenue
P.O. Box 61501
King of Prussia, PA 19406-1310

Remit To:
PO Box 932032
Atlanta, GA 31193-2032