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Registration Opens for CSL Behring's 2024 Plasma Academy

The Chicago-area event begins April 28 and offers hematology fellows a chance to connect and learn about benign hematology.

Plasma Academy, a learning opportunity for hematology fellows sponsored by CSL

CSL Behring has opened registration for this year’s Plasma Academy, a two-day learning opportunity in the Chicago area.

The third annual event for adult and pediatric hematology fellows, from April 28-30, offers a deep dive into benign hematology. Offered in collaboration with the Versiti Blood Research Institute, last year’s program hosted hematology/oncology fellows from across the United States. 

Benign hematology includes noncancerous conditions in which the blood does not function normally. Those conditions, which can be inherited or acquired over time, include hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, other factor deficiencies and platelet disorders. Learn more about select hematology diseases and conditions.

Day one of the 2024 Plasma Academy will feature presentations on hemophilia, rare bleeding disorders and hematologic emergencies plus panel discussions about career planning, job searches and the interview process. Day two presentations will cover platelet disorders, anticoagulation management and transfusion medicine.

Attendees also will visit CSL Behring’s manufacturing site in Kankakee, Illinois, where donated human plasma becomes medicine for rare and serious diseases. Plasma, the straw-colored component of blood, contains clotting factor proteins needed for coagulation. Medicine derived from plasma treats bleeding conditions such as hemophilia.

For more information and to register, please contact Shari Schwarz at