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Q&A: Our Life With Twin Boys

Danielle and Armand sat down to discuss their first year raising twin sons, Grant and Theo, while also managing Danielle’s rare condition – a primary immunodeficiency that makes her more vulnerable to infections.


Expect the unexpected is good advice for any new parent. Danielle, who lives with a primary immunodeficiency, and her husband, Armand, rolled with big changes in the first year of being mom and dad to twin boys. The babies were six weeks early and the early months at home were unrelenting.

But Danielle and Armand made it through. In this three-minute interview, they share candid answers about how they navigated sleepless nights, ear tubes for the boys and worries about how often Danielle would get sick.

“I think it brought out the best in you and the best in me in very difficult times,” Danielle said.