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Three Views: Digital Transformation in Tech

A Women in Digital Switzerland panel featured three CSL leaders who discussed changing ways of work.

Digital Transformation panel featuring CSL leaders

Here in the 21st century, digitization is no big deal. For decades, we’ve been turning paper records into computer files and sending emails instead of writing letters.

But digital transformation – a dramatic shift in the way companies operate – is an evolving challenge. Women in Digital Switzerland recently hosted a panel, featuring three CSL leaders, to discuss transformative digital innovation in business. Here are their perspectives on how digital transformation is shaping the biotech industry:

Carmen Weber, Digital Transformation Manager within Plasma Product Development, CSL Behring, a business unit of CSL that makes medicines for rare and serious diseases:

Successful digital transformation should encourage us to think out of the box. It’s not just about translating analog to digital data but taking full advantage of the benefits the digital world has to offer. Ask yourself during your daily work: How could the digitized data and digitalized processes not only improve, but innovate the way we work?

Tamara Markovic, CSL Behring’s Global Regulatory Affairs, Manager for Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls:

Advancing technology is appealing but must be balanced against risk. We have patient safety at our heart, and there is limited space for experimentation in our risk-averse environment. We have to comply with all the rules and regulations out there.

But many technologies have sufficiently matured, creating compliant avenues for innovative approaches with data. The role of pharma professionals is rapidly changing and individuals should consider advancing their digital literacy to be ready for a changing landscape that includes a shifting paradigm in how we interact (and share data) with global health authorities.

Barbara Birtoli, Head of Commercial Training & Capabilities, Commercial Excellence for CSL Vifor, a CSL business unit that specializes in iron deficiency and nephrology (kidney care):

For commercial field force functions, integrating digital transformation has been boosted by the pandemic situation and is now an integral part of our customer engagement. Even in our very regulated pharmaceutical environment, with consent of the customers, the digital omnichannel approach is the present and the future.

Experienced field forces need to be open to taking on digital aspects as a part of their role, orchestrating face-to-face interactions with virtual and digital engagements, which convey the right information, to the right customer, at the right time on the customer’s preferred channel.

Therefore “looking over the border” and having the bigger picture in front and saying, “how can I develop my capabilities and my innovative mindset?” is crucial to assure best answering the needs of the stakeholders or customers.

Be open to taking on digital aspects as a part of your role, like taking an interest in data-driven insights and artificial intelligence, as it is likely the future of our industry, enroll in continuing education classes and keep an open mind.

Not only scientists can be a part of pharma digitalization.

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