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Our Best Shot: a Children's Book About Flu Vaccination

A pharmacist writes a book for kids to help educate a young audience – and their parents – about flu vaccines and how to overcome the fear of injections.

Cover of children's book Our Best Shot showing a child in a dress with a shield and a vaccine syringe

“Why must I go and get a (flu) shot?” asks first-grader Amanda in the new storybook “Our Best Shot.”

It’s a question many parents have faced and one that Dr. Alexandria Yarborough, a pharmacist, hopes to answer with the children’s book she wrote in collaboration with Families Fighting Flu (FFF). The nonprofit organization educates the public that influenza can be a serious illness, with life-threatening complications, and encourages annual vaccinations.

Yarborough, a pharmacy manager in Columbia, South Carolina, said she wrote the book to help parents and kids better understand the risks of flu and to relieve fears about getting a flu shot. It comes as flu and other respiratory infections are surging in the United States.

“It just breaks my heart when I try to remind people to get their flu shot and it's not something they're interested in,” she told Pharmacy Times. Most people can get a flu shot and it’s recommended for those older than 6 months of age, she said.

In the book, children learn alongside Amanda as she discovers what a vaccine is, learns who gets flu shots and why, and also gets support for overcoming the fear of needles, also known as trypanophobia.

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