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Melissa Troop's Recipe for Brand Strategy

Meet CSL Seqirus’ U.S. Brand Marketing Director – global marketer, dedicated aunt and expert baker.


Growing a relationship between a brand and its stakeholders isn’t easy. Melissa Troop might say it’s like baking a cake step-by-step. Every ingredient matters.  

As the U.S. Brand Marketing Director for CSL Seqirus, Troop and her team work together to craft messaging that fosters connections between customers and CSL Seqirus’ portfolio. Her team sets the strategic direction for each of the business unit’s vaccines, then leads internal stakeholders across the enterprise to implement the plans. 

“Oftentimes, you are the hub, trying to align everybody around the strategy,” Troop said. “So, that comes with the responsibility of collaboration and reaching out to both your commercial and business partners to make sure you’re all moving in the same direction.” 

Troop’s professional journey in pharmaceutical marketing included a stint in Switzerland, where she learned about business intelligence, market research and global launch planning.

“I certainly left there completely different than when I had arrived,” she said. “From there, I was able to get a role working in sales to make sure that I understood in the long run, as a marketer, what it was like to have that perspective.”

When the opportunity arose at CSL Seqirus, Troop said her decision to join was an easy one. 

“I chose to come to CSL Seqirus five years ago because of the people and I stay at CSL Seqirus because of the people,” Troop said. “It’s a unique, collegial, transparent atmosphere and culture that we’ve been able to create and hold onto that has allowed me on a personal level to make long-lasting relationships and more importantly, friendships.” 

When Troop isn’t in the office, you might find her courtside at tennis tournaments, getting in a match of her own, or whipping up bakery-level cakes. She’s known as the star baker in her family, especially to her niece and nephew, who get special deliveries every year on their birthdays.