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Watch: Meet Dr. Ankur Sharma, Recipient of a CSL Centenary Fellowship

Sharma is studying liver cancer cells as he pursues potential treatments via immunotherapy and vaccines.


Every year, CSL awards two Australian scientists CSL Centenary Fellowships, valued at $1.25 million over five years. This year’s recipients – Dr. Ankur Sharma and Dr. Daniel Utzschneider – are each developing new kinds of potential cancer therapies based on their fundamental research into cancer biology.

Watch the video above to learn more about Sharma’s work. He discovered how liver cancer cells grow together like the rapidly dividing cells of a human embryo, behavior that allows them to resist treatment. He’s now working to analyze these cells to determine which liver cancers may respond to immunotherapy.

His Centenary Fellowship will support his next steps at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research in Perth, including the potential development of anti-cancer vaccines. The CSL Centenary Fellowships were presented at the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences Annual Meeting last month in Brisbane.