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Infographic: What Makes Plasma So Amazing

It is not just the liquid component of blood, it’s a means to treat rare and serious medical conditions.


At CSL Plasma centers, people do the amazing by donating a component of their blood called plasma. It’s a straw-colored fluid that’s used to make life-saving medicines that treat serious and rare conditions.

But how is plasma able to do so much for so many different conditions? Senior Medical and Safety Advisor at CSL Plasma, Dr. Toby Simon, explains.

“Plasma transports a large number of proteins and other essential substances through the bloodstream to help keep your body functioning properly,” he said.

Plasma contains albumin, which keeps fluid in the bloodstream from leaking into other tissues; immunoglobulins to fight infection; and clotting factors to control bleeding, among other functions.

“If a patient lacks any critical substances due to a birth defect or an acquired disease, we can often provide a plasma-based medication or therapy that replaces it,” Simon said.

Here’s a look at all that plasma can do:

All That Plasma Can Do infographic showing its medical uses