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In the News: CSL’s Site Leader in Kankakee, Illinois

As he nears his one-year anniversary as site leader, Abner Garcia-Delgado talked with the Daily Journal about his management style and the patient-focused approach he promotes at the manufacturing plant in Bourbonnais Township outside of Chicago.

Abner Garcia-Delgado, Site Head of CSL Behring in Kankakee, Illinois

After leading CSL Behring’s Kankakee, Illinois, manufacturing site for the last year, Abner Garcia-Delgado is feeling positive about the people, the place and the future.

“I like this area,” he told the local Daily Journal in a recent interview. “I like the future of CSL. I like the way we do business from end to end.”

CSL Behring, a business unit of global biotech CSL, makes plasma-based medicines in Kankakee and also recently opened a $4 million CSL Plasma collection center there. Donated human plasma is needed to turn proteins into medicine, such as clotting factor for those who have hemophilia.

Garcia-Delgado, said the region’s agricultural landscape reminds him of Puerto Rico, where he grew up alongside the sugar cane industry before moving to the United States. He brings 20 years of experience, including senior positions with Amgen and DuPont, to his position as head of the Kankakee site, which employs about 1,500.

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