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Giving = Living

A U.S. Health and Human Services campaign keeps it simple with a message for blood and plasma donors: “Donations save lives.” June 14 is World Blood Donor Day.

There's no substitute for blood or plasma

The need for blood donors and plasma donors never ends, which makes promoting donations a ceaseless job.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services created the Giving = Living campaign to draw a straight line between blood and plasma donors and the patients who await critical treatments.

World Blood Donor Day, on June 14, draws attention to the need. It also offers a chance to celebrate donors for their “acts of solidarity,” as the World Health Organization puts it, with those who need blood-based treatments or plasma medicines. It’s simple and selfless act, the WHO says.

The Giving = Living campaign includes patients who rely on plasma-based medicine, including James who says people who donate plasma “lend me their immune system.” Alice Drennon, who has a primary immunodeficiency, is also featured in the campaign. The Texas resident, who is a member of CSL Plasma’s Plasma P.A.L.S. program, shares two video messages in Spanish.

CSL Plasma, through its 300+ centers, collects donated plasma used exclusively for plasma-based medicines produced by CSL Behring. The medicines treat rare conditions such as hemophilia, immune deficiencies and others.