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Finding Patient Focus in Finance

Raveen Milgelratne, part of CSL’s Australian Graduate Program, says that serving in Finance means helping patients by ensuring the long-term health of CSL.


Raveen Milgelratne, who recently graduated from the University of Melbourne majoring in finance and accounting, is getting hands-on experience as part of CSL’s Graduate Program.

CSL’s commitment to patient focus as a core value is evident in the Finance Department, he said. CSL includes business units CSL Behring, which makes medicines for people who have rare and serious diseases; CSL Seqirus, which develops and manufactures vaccines; and CSL Vifor, a leader in iron deficiency and nephrology (kidney care).

“Continually in the work you do within Finance, you are always reminded of the patient focus. We ensure the company will run into the long term so that these patients can be helped into the long term,” Milgelratne said.

Watch the video above to learn more about the graduate program and Raveen’s early career journey.