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Fight for Air Climb 2023

Could you climb 50 stories? Step by step, climbers will take on this American Lung Association challenge in solidarity with respiratory patients.

Woman climbs stairs for exercise

The American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb in Philadelphia asks participants to ascend 50 flights to the top of 3 Logan Square. While huffing and puffing to the top, climbers will get a reminder of how essential the respiratory system is.

The climbing event, held at high-rise buildings and large stadiums around the country, has raised $71 million over 12 years and supports the nonprofit Lung Association’s mission: saving lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease.

CSL’s “Breathe and Believe” team plans to be there at 3 Logan Square on April 22. Ron Chamrin, a Global Regulatory Lead for three of CSL’s Respiratory programs, started the team this year and previously participated in 2019. For training purposes, he compares it to running a 5K and says everyone is welcome and encouraged to climb at their own pace.

“This is not a race,” he said. “Rather, it’s about the journey to the top and, of course, the accomplishment at the end. How you climb is up to you. The goal is just to complete the climb at your own pace.”

Chamrin joined CSL 18 months ago and has been working in the respiratory therapeutic area for six years. He appreciates the opportunity to support respiratory patients and the American Lung Association, which has done 100+ years of advocacy work. Climbers can participate virtually, too. This will allow Chamrin’s global colleagues around the United States – as well as in Bern, Switzerland, Marburg, Germany, Melbourne, Australia and elsewhere – to take part.

CSL Behring, a business unit of CSL, makes medicines for people with serious and rare diseases, including Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, which impacts the lungs and breathing. CSL Behring, whose corporate headquarters is near Philadelphia in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, also is a founding member of the nonprofit Open Source Imaging Consortium (OSIC). OSIC is a first-of-its-kind database for interstitial lung diseases, which cause fibrosis – scarring – and then stiffness in the lungs.

For those who climb in Philadelphia, there’s a reward at the top – an excellent view of the city, Chamrin said. Participants also might see firefighters taking the stair challenge – in full gear. Some athletic climbers – including Chamrin – like to double down on the experience by completing the 50 floors twice in the same day.

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Learn more about Fight for Air Climb events in the video below: