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Welcome to Seqirus Vita

Our purpose is to protect public health, Vita shares stories from its front line.

CSL employee Guiseppe Palladino at Seqirus Research & Development facility in Cambridge MA
Guiseppe Palladino at Seqirus Research & Development facility in Cambridge MA

Vita means life, and it is what all of us at Seqirus fight to preserve. From our scientists and regulatory experts to our leaders and partners, we race against the clock to prepare for and battle against each season’s influenza threat and the possibility of a pandemic. That’s why we are so driven by our promise in protecting public health.

As we forge ahead, making new discoveries, techniques and tools in an effort to protect public health, we want to take you with us on our journey and keep you informed on everything that surrounds our endeavors.

Especially at a time when there are more unanswered questions than ever before about disease, health and wellness and their intersection with technology, we believe that digital content and communications can help answer them and even provide a behind-the-scenes look from our unique point of view from On the Front Line.

Therefore, Seqirus Vita – our storytelling platform, will leverage our well-established insight, leadership and public health focus to help people better understand the world around them and live life to the fullest.

We chose to name our site Seqirus Vita, because not only does Vita mean life, but also the name represents a new standard for brand journalism that has been established by CSL for global biotherapeutics leader CSL Behring, which for four years and more than 1 million unique page views later has held its promise to rare disease patients to inform them on important topics about the ever-evolving promise of biotechnology.

In a similar fashion, Seqirus Vita takes you On the Front Line to meet the people who research, develop and produce influenza vaccines across more than 20 countries. We talk to researchers who are at the helm of investigating the future of medical technology, explain the science behind their work, and show you what a passionate biotech company looks like in action. In addition, we provide our perspective on the often-complex medical issues of the day.

There is drama and emotion in the promise of biotechnology. We find it in the stories of everyday people, their families, and in the persistence and resolve of our researchers. And we see it in the drive and enduring optimism of our employees, who are committed to delivering on our promise of a brighter future.

Vita’s audience includes anyone interested in health literacy and biotechnology, as well as its stakeholders: health care providers, the media and our people. Our content is rooted in great storytelling: well-told narratives; clear, explanatory prose; and compelling photos, videos and infographics. We deliver our content on the Vita site and online through our social media channels.

With Vita, you can count on us to develop and deliver thoughtful, focused and emotionally compelling content in an effort to fulfill our unrelenting commitment to protecting communities from disease.

Anthony Farina is Chief Communications & Brand Officer for CSL, the parent company of global influenza vaccines leader Seqirus and global biotherapeutics leader CSL Behring.