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Watch Krissy's Story: From Caregiver to Advocate

After a harrowing journey to a hemophilia diagnosis for her son, Krissy is stepping up to help others.


A key part of being an effective caregiver is being a strong advocate for a loved one. Krissy M. learned that lesson firsthand when her advocacy led to her son Brody’s surprising diagnosis of hemophilia A.

Most children living with hemophilia are diagnosed at birth, but Brody wasn’t diagnosed until the age of 7. When doctors were puzzled about Brody’s condition during a long hospital stay, Krissy’s continued push for answers finally led to the correct diagnosis. Now 17, Brody is living the life of a typical teenager while managing his condition. Krissy is drawing on her background as a teacher to enhance education and awareness of bleeding disorders.

CSL Behring, a leading global biotech, interviewed Krissy to learn more about the experiences of patients and caregivers. Learn more in the video above.