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CSL Behring launches a website dedicated to educating people about clinical research trials, which are an essential component of R&D and can be the gateway to new and improved treatments.

A screenshot of the website featuring a man with arms outstretched on a mountaintop

CSL Behring, whose medicines treat rare and serious diseases, has created an easy-to-understand website about clinical research trials.


The site explains how trials work; discusses the conditions CSL Behring medicines treat; and shares information about ongoing research and development efforts. A clinical trial is a strictly controlled research study to find out if medical treatments can improve health. Clinical trials have three phases as they progress in answering questions about whether a treatment makes a measurable difference.

For several years, CSL Behring has been raising awareness about clinical trials, inviting diverse participants to learn more and making trials more convenient.

Trials advance science and they would be impossible without participants who take part in the research.

"The launch of the CSL clinical trials website represents our commitment to ensuring patients and their support networks have access to information that will keep them informed and empowered,” said Rodney Winley, CSL Behring’s Senior Director, R&D Patient Partnerships. “As the website grows in content and geographic coverage, it will also serve as the entry point for a digital patient engagement support system designed to enhance the patient experience before, during and after clinical trial participation."