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Video: Teaching Kids to Self-Infuse

Children and teens who live with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders work hard to achieve a milestone: mastering the art of self-infusing medicine and taking increasing responsibility for their care.


For parents of children who have bleeding disorders, it’s a proud day when a son or daughter steps up to learn how to self-infuse their own treatment.

People who have hemophilia and other conditions that prevent blood from clotting as it should need replacement “factor,” a medicine delivered intravenously. Moms and dads start out learning to handle this at-home medical procedure and eventually hand off to kids and teens when they’re ready to learn.

Watch the video above to learn the signs your child is ready for this responsibility.

Kids often learn to self-infuse at summer camp for kids with bleeding disorders. Like so many activities for children, COVID-19 disrupted summer camps for the bleeding disorders community. Some say they are moving ahead with plans for in-person camp in 2022 or plan hybrid programs. Check for camp opportunities in your area through the National Hemophilia Foundation database.