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Take the Nobel Prize Quiz

The Nobel Foundation honors masters of innovation who made breakthroughs in art, science and world peace. Can you pass a quiz about CSL Behring’s namesake, Emil von Behring?

Emil von Behring in a neon question mark frame

Every October, the Nobel prizes remind the world of the power of human excellence applied with fervor to difficult questions.

“The courage, creativity and curiosity of these laureates inspire us and give us hope for the future of humankind,” the Nobel Foundation says.

At Nobel time, CSL reflects with pride on Emil von Behring, a past winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine and the namesake of one of its businesses, CSL Behring. Many decades after von Behring toiled in the lab, a new generation of CSL scientists are working to develop treatments for people with rare and serious diseases and to protect public health with vaccines. Just this month, CSL opened a new seven-story R&D campus in the city where von Behring worked long ago.

Test your knowledge about this important figure in CSL’s past by taking the Nobel quiz. (It’s not cheating to watch the video below first.)

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