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STEM Education = Breakthroughs

The biotech field saves lives through innovation. That's why Seqirus believes in investing in STEM’s next generation.

Nigel Hilton, Seqirus VP of Manufacturing and Site Head, Liverpool discussing the impact of a STEM education.

For those that have the wherewithal to think big in the Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM) fields, a fully realized concept paired with a powerful use case, especially in biotech, possesses the potential to save lives.

It all starts with a sound education, explained Nigel Hilton, Vice President of Manufacturing and Site Head of Seqirus Liverpool in the New Scientist newspaper feature on careers in STEM.

“STEM subjects foster the next generation of scientists, researchers and inventors, upskilling the nation to address some of the most significant challenges in healthcare,” he said.

One of such challenges is being addressed by scientists right here at Seqirus for what is all too familiar, Influenza – the virus that continues to adapt and change each year. Every day these individuals demonstrate the power of a STEM education, taking what they learned in school and years of training into our labs in order to rethink the way influenza vaccines are created.

Whether that’s with our current cell-based technology platform or even the next generation of mRNA called self-amplifying messenger RNA (sa-mRNA), each carry a unique set of properties which may be impactful for the future of the disease – which is why we need to recruit the brightest and best STEM graduates to realize the potential.

“We are nurturing these critical STEM-based skills by exploring and committing to research collaborations and partnerships with academic institutions and university departments in a wide range of projects, including data generation and innovation in seasonal and pandemic influenza technologies,” Nigel said. “The sustained growth of the UK [and beyond] depends on educating the next generation in STEM.”

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