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Intelligent Design

Architecture and interior design can influence how people collaborate. Get a peek inside one of CSL Behring’s newest R&D buildings to see spaces intended to fire up interactions and creative energy.

Rendering of the new interior of the CSL R&D building in Marburg, Germany
All images courtesy of fs-architekten

For more than 15 years, creative industries and startup companies have been transforming the modern office, inventing the concept of “coworking,” and then integrating new hybrid working routines prompted by the global pandemic.

Accelerator and incubator spaces also set a new tone with boundary-breaking floor plans to encourage cross-pollination among its mix of occupants, productivity and the casual sharing of knowledge. Research suggests a building’s design can promote collaboration, which is essential for teams that work on complex problems in search of innovative ideas. CSL Behring, a global biotech, makes medicines for people with rare and serious diseases.

The business, together with its design firms, had collaboration and innovation in mind as it embarked on a major project: the construction of a new $154 million USD (150 million euro) R&D building and an additional office building, both in Marburg, Germany.

In the new buildings, expected to open this fall, the goal is create an ecosystem that keeps creativity and energy flowing.

rendering of a wall of windows at CSL's new R&D building in Marburg, Germany
So-called "coffice areas", cozy coffee corners, encourage small breaks and informal, creative exchange.

In Marburg’s new R&D building M600, the library includes workstations and sofas directly in front of the huge glass fronts, offering splendid views of Marburg's green surroundings. Bringing the outside in through “biophilic design” could also boost an employee’s sense of well-being. CSL Behring employed this approach in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, where an office building features plant walls, floor-to-ceiling windows and décor that borrows from patterns in nature.  

A rendering of CSL's new R&D building in Marburg, Germany, that uses large windows to blend indoor and outdoor space.