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In the News: CSL Chief Digital Information Officer Mark Hill

CSL’s push for decentralized clinical trials is among the top three takeaways from Hill’s recent interview with the Australian Financial Review.

Mark Hill CSL's Chief Digital Information Officer

Brilliant at the basics. No regrets. Future-forward capabilities.

That’s how CSL Chief Digital Information Officer Mark Hill summarized his game plan in a news article recently published in the Australian Financial Review. In 2020, Hill took the helm of Information & Technology for CSL, a leading global biotech that specializes in medicines for rare and serious diseases as well as influenza vaccines. Here are three takeaways from the article:

  1. True to CSL’s patient focus value, the company’s digital future will enable decentralized clinical trials, a method of conducting medical research for potential new treatments that minimizes inconvenience for patients, Hill told AFR, the leading financial news outlet in Australia.

    “This goes back to having a human approach to technology enablement. If we put you, the human, at the core of what we do, I believe we win, and then we can treat more patients,” Hill said in the article.

  2. The I&T leader also revealed that early in his tenure he visited CSL Plasma centers “incognito” to learn more about how digitalization could optimize the process. In March, CSL Plasma announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration had approved new plasma collection technology that will be rolling out to some of the 300+ CSL Plasma centers in the United States.
  3. Hill also told AFR that he’s both sizing up how CSL fits in the metaverse and that he has begun work on a digital twin of CSL labs and equipment to assure the stability of the supply chain.

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