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Healthcare Businesswomen's Association Honors Sharon McHale and Carrie Chastain

Learn how they are driven by CSL’s promise to patients and commitment to public health.

HBA winners Sharon McHale and Carrie Chastain

The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) recently honored two CSL leaders because of their dedication to making a difference in the lives of their colleagues, teams and the patients CSL serves:

Sharon McHale, Vice-President, Global Policy and Government Affairs at Seqirus, was named CSL’s 2022 Luminary.

Carrie Chastain, Senior Medical Support Specialist at CSL Plasma, was named CSL’s 2022 Rising Star.

About McHale

Taking on new roles and building high-performing teams is a key theme for McHale. She joined CSL group in 2007, establishing the company’s global Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility function. In 2010, she was tapped to take on a new public affairs leadership role for the CSL enterprise in Australia. Most recently, she’s played a key part in the turnaround and growth of Seqirus, one of the world’s leading providers of influenza vaccines.

“Our company was established with a very powerful public health purpose,” McHale said. “It’s in our DNA. Working here makes me feel like I’m doing something meaningful for others each day.”

In 2014, she helped secure an agreement with the Australian government that was critical to the sustainability of CSL’s vaccine business, paving the way for Seqirus. In 2018, she played a key part in getting a preferential recommendation in the UK for Seqirus’ adjuvanted influenza vaccine for people 65 and older, now Seqirus’ second-biggest market.

She contributes her success to wonderful mentors, pointing out that anyone can serve as one – leaders, peers or team members.

“One thing I’ve learned on my leadership journey is that you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room or have all the answers. Learning from others has made a huge impact on my own leadership style.”

On winning the award, McHale shared, “It’s all very humbling, really. I’m super grateful to CSL for supporting my leadership journey, and to the many colleagues I continue to learn from every day.” Learn more about her career here.

About Chastain 

At CSL Plasma, one of the world’s largest collectors of donated plasma, Chastain manages several programs, including a critical treatment for pregnant moms who are Rh-negative. She co-manages the CSL specialty anti-D and whole blood programs alongside the Immunohematology Lab.

Chastain’s work at CSL Plasma also included the development of a hyperimmune immunoglobulin product during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Fight Is In Us encouraged those with COVID-19 antibodies to donate plasma for use in transfusions and treatment development.

Chastain also recognizes the importance of mentors, naming last year’s HBA Luminary winner, Wlenyeno Elliott-Browne, Global Head of Plasma Quality, as one of hers.

“She’s helped me be the best version of myself,” Chastain said.

“Carrie is a strong, tenacious and agile leader who is skilled in building effective teams,” Elliot-Browne said. “If there is a complex project in Plasma’s medical group, Carrie is our go-to leader.”

As a registered nurse, Chastain advised aspiring nurses that: “Your skills, contributions and accomplishments will always have an impact on improving someone’s quality of life. Each of us have the opportunity to be our generation’s Florence Nightingale.”