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Global Legal Takes on an 'Emotional and Humbling' Team Project

Working together, the legal team provided prosthetic limbs for land-mine victims and others in developing countries.

Zippered pouch that says "This hand was made with love."

Team-building activities are fun, motivational and help teams to create strong bonds. But they can also be deeply meaningful.

During its recent summit, the Global Legal team took on just such a project when they worked with Odyssey Teams to build 145 prosthetic hands that will go to people in developing countries, where they do not have easy access to these important assistive devices. More than 70,000 people worldwide have received prosthetics through the Build-a-Hand™ program. Recipients include victims of accidents and landmines, as well as those with congenital conditions.

“Perspective changes everything, and today’s experience has grounded me in gratitude,” Melissa Puryear, Senior Counsel, said.

Learn more about this program and meet some of the recipients.

The legal team members approached the task with sense of purpose, determination, and, of course, teamwork, said Helen Mutimer, Head of IP, who coordinated the event at the summit. Odyssey Teams provided the prosthetic kits and instructions to ensure they were built properly and would function well for their recipients.

“The experience was deeply emotional and humbling,” she said. “We knew that we were giving someone an extraordinary gift, and so people felt the gravity of the task.”

This demonstration of social responsibility brought CSL values to life and helped the team draw a connection to the work they do at CSL every day.

“This gave us all an opportunity to pause to reflect on purpose,” said Marcus de Alwis, Vice President, General Counsel.

Sarah McHenry, Senior Director and Global Lead, Data Privacy, agreed, saying “We truly are better together.”