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Free Flu Vaccines for Plasma Donors

It’s almost flu season and, if you’re a twice-monthly plasma donor, CSL Plasma has your vaccination covered.

woman wearing a mask receives a flu shot

By donating plasma, people do the amazing by helping to make medicines that improve and even save the lives of those affected by many rare and serious diseases. Starting this month, CSL Plasma centers will say thank you by offering vouchers for free flu shots to help protect donors and the community’s public health during the winter months.

"We are invested in the health and safety of our communities, which is why we want to offer this service to CSL Plasma donors," said Walter Charles, Senior Vice President and General Manager of CSL Plasma.

Donors who donate at least twice during the calendar month are eligible for a voucher that can be redeemed at Walgreens locations in the United States. CSL Plasma collects plasma, the straw-colored component of blood, solely for the production of medicines needed by people who have primary immunodeficiencies, hemophilia and other conditions.

It’s a good time to get vaccinated against influenza, which is circulating at high levels in the Southern Hemisphere, which could be an indication of what’s to come in the Northern Hemisphere.

According to Dr. Jennifer Hanes, Division Medical Director of U.S. Plasma Operations for CSL Plasma, the best way to prepare is to get vaccinated.

“Viruses that cause flu constantly change, and flu vaccines can reduce the burden of flu illnesses, hospitalizations and deaths,” Hanes said, "Research shows the flu vaccine has helped reduce related illnesses and the risk of serious complications.”

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