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For Patients, Plasma Donors Are P.A.L.S.

Donors do the amazing by helping create life-saving medicines for patients. A program from CSL Plasma helps connect the two.

Photo of a young woman alongside a Plasma P.A.L.S. logo that says Patients and Lifesavers

Plasma donors might wonder about the patients who will benefit from their donation. Who are the people with rare and serious diseases who rely on plasma-derived medicine? At CSL Plasma centers, donors just might meet a patient and get a personal thank you.

“You have given me a better quality of life by donating your plasma to me and patients like me,” said Nicholas M., who lives with common variable immunodeficiency (CVID), a rare disease that impairs immune system function. “Plasma donors are amazing because they do the amazing. Donors are responsible for creating the life-saving medicine that helps me every day.”

Plasma P.A.L.S., previously called the Adopt-a-Patient program, encourages connections between donors and patients, who regularly visit CSL Plasma centers.

“Seeing the faces of patients and hearing their life-stories is impactful. It reminds us why we are here. It’s what we are passionate about. It drives us to do the amazing,” said Fernando Delgado, Head of Marketing for CSL Plasma.

A recent visitor, Frank M., who also has CVID and is part of the P.A.L.S community, said he appreciates meeting employees and donors in person.

“I’ve met many, many donors and they’re always grateful for me stopping by and sharing my story,” Frank said. “They say ‘wow it really makes it more important for us to know that it’s not just about a money thing but it’s about the fact that we have people like you that we can help.”

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