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Finding the Beat

The Beats Music Program from the Coalition for Hemophilia B brings patients together for a weekend of music training and performance.


This weekend in Nashville, musicians of all levels will get a chance to work on their craft and then perform for a supportive community.

The annual Beats Music Program from the Coalition for Hemophilia B, sponsored this year by CSL Behring, brings patients together to take advantage of all that music can do. It can be artistry, a form of self-expression, a hobby and even a kind of therapy. Here’s how the Coalition describes the event: “The Beats Music Program was created for people with bleeding disorders to connect and build strong relationships through the common bond of music.”

Rick Starks will be there. He’s a bass guitarist with The Bleeders, a band whose members all share the bond of the bleeding disorder hemophilia B. Watch the interview above with Rick to learn more.

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