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Everyday Trailblazer Jamie Morris

Morris is a Senior Production Manager for Seqirus, ensuring influenza vaccine gets out the door to protect public health. At home, he’s a father who has become a rare disease advocate.


Jamie Morris experiences the purpose of CSL on multiple levels. He has a senior production manager role in Australia with Seqirus, which protects public health as one of the world’s leading producers of influenza vaccine. And the birth of his daughter, now three, made him a rare disease advocate after she was diagnosed with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), a serious skin condition.

“As a father of a child with a rare disease, CSL’s purpose and heavy focus on supporting rare diseases really resonates with me,” Morris said.

In particular, he appreciates CSL’s commitment to research and development. Along with Seqirus, CSL includes CSL Behring, a global biotech leader, that develops and manufactures medicines for rare and serious diseases. CSL invests $1 billion annually on R&D and is investigating several innovative approaches, including a potential gene therapy for hemophilia B and the possible use of self-amplifying mRNA technology in vaccine development. Its vaccines and medicines are used in more than 100 countries.

EB, like many rare diseases, currently lacks an effective treatment. While research is ongoing, the fragile skin condition can only be managed.

“We rely on medical research as it provides my family, and other families, with hope,” Morris said. “For me, being an advocate for rare diseases is really important as it assists in raising critical funds for medical research and also lets other families know they are not alone.”

Learn more about Morris in the video above.

We interviewed him as part of our Everyday Trailblazers series, a chance to celebrate CSL scientists and learn more about their unique talents and abilities outside of work. Today’s scientists are pioneers who are willing to take risks and forge a path where none currently exits. Trailblazers are innovative thinkers who challenge the status quo, opening new frontiers for others to follow. They’re also everyday people  – parents, partners and friends with eclectic personal interests and passions that contribute to the creative spark needed to drive new and better medical solutions.

In that spirit, CSL launched this campaign to spotlight eight of its scientists based in Australia, where the global biotech was born more than 100 years ago. The campaign – which will take various forms, including billboards – features Morris and other trailblazers like Jill Allen and Genevieve Roussety.