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Employee Spotlight: Vincent “D” Ming

Meet D, one of CSL Seqirus’ Senior Regional Account Managers by day and international lacrosse coach by night.

D Ming, Senior Regional Account Manager for CSL Seqirus, coaching lacrosse.

His network of health care system accounts across Northern Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico know him as D, their Senior Regional Account Manager, but he also goes by Coach D. 

Why? Because outside of supporting his region’s vaccination needs at CSL Seqirus, leading influenza vaccines provider, you’ll find him coaching the Puerto Rico Women’s National lacrosse team.

And most recently, on an international cable network coaching from the sidelines at the Women’s Lacrosse World Championship. 

“Believe me, you can hear me, too,” D said proudly. “Our games were televised on a major network for the first time ever. I'm very blessed and fortunate to have been there to be a part of their run for the gold medal.” 

The Puerto Rico Women’s National lacrosse team, which was formed just last year, finished at number 11 in the world. 

The journey of helping the team achieve such a feat brought everything full circle for D. As he was once coached through to the pro ranks to play on the Bermuda National Team, to now do the same for aspiring athletes in Puerto Rico. 

“I've had my fun as a player, and now I'm coaching to give back and prepare the next generation so that they can take the sport further than I ever have,” D said.  

But for him, it goes beyond helping the next generation win championships, rings or other accolades. It’s about enriching young lives and advancing representation in the sport that has given him so much. 

“There is a lot of room to grow for the sport and when it comes to island development too, which is a huge focal point with the mission of Puerto Rico Lacrosse,” he said. “We want to make sure that we are representing island nations and giving those children a role model to look up to in the sport. I think it's really important for people who look like me to be able to see that and say ‘hey, he's a guy of color coaching lacrosse at a very high level, or playing lacrosse at a very high level,’ so I think that the optics of it are hugely important.” 

D does all of this as a volunteer endeavor outside of his daily grind: taking calls and visiting customers.

While managing both work and coaching can be difficult, it always helps to use time off wisely, have a supportive team and a job you love, he explained.  

“I am able to essentially run my own business in this role, and I know that my efforts are going to impact the lives of the people around me,” he said. “Also, everybody within the organization has been so supportive, everybody's excited for me and wants to know how the team’s doing. I think that really does speak well to the culture that we have here.” 

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