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Employee Spotlight: Teka-Ann Hutchinson

Teka-Ann co-leads a troop of Girl Scouts and account analysts on a mission to do more for others.

Portrait of Teka-Ann Hutchinson

In Times Square, New York City, Teka-Ann Hutchinson, a customer service manager for CSL Seqirus, appeared on one of the most powerful digital displays in the midtown Manhattan neighborhood – the iconic NASDAQ Market display.

Accompanied by the Girl Scouts of Greater New York, she stood at the market’s opening bell as a mentor to the next generation of leaders.

Hutchinson said she became involved in the organization to be a role model to her best friend’s granddaughter, Jahde. It felt like a perfect opportunity to give back, she said.

“I’ve always genuinely had a desire to do more. I think it's really important to do whatever I can to help others,” she said.

After Hutchinson encouraged Jahde to join the local Girl Scout troop, they quickly began working to complete various activities and earn ‘badges.’ These activities turned out to be much more than she expected. She explained that together, they learned about topics in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), philanthropy and outdoor survival. They also learned about values like striving to do right for people and the planet, collaboration, having fun together and winning together – which mirror the values demonstrated at CSL.

“What I really loved about it was that it empowered these girls and taught them to be courageous, confident and have good character,” Hutchinson said. It opened up the whole world of possibility for her.”

Hutchinson loved working with the Girl Scouts organization so much that she became a troop leader herself.

One of the most rewarding opportunities she recalled, was teaching Jahde and the rest of her troop that they can not only become astronauts, firefighters or scientists, they can also become businesswomen, like herself – working with customer service analysts to help ensure both big pharmacies and local clinics have the vaccines they need to fight flu for the season.

 “They're just so fascinated that you can have a job like that,” Hutchinson said. “The girls were able to get a greater sense that there’s so much you can do in this world. They can ask themselves ‘Look at this, maybe I want to what she does,’ so I love that aspect of it.”

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