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Meet CSL Seqirus’ Fly Fishing, Operations Project Management Expert

Learn about David Wolozyn and what drives him to deliver on our promise.

David Wolozyn

Orchestrating the fulfilment of influenza vaccines to ensure sufficient supply around the globe is no simple task, but it is David Wolozyn’s domain.

Wolozyn is CSL Seqirus’ Global Head of Enterprise and Operations, Project Management Office. That translates to leading a team of project managers across the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. Each team is critical to ensuring CSL Seqirus can deliver on our promise to patients and public health.

One example of such projects under his leadership is implementing process improvements that ensure the success of our fill and finish operations, which is a major step in getting vaccines out of our facilities and into patients’ arms.

He says that project management, especially in the everchanging flu vaccine industry, takes an exacting attention to detail, the ability to quickly pivot and most of all, a collaborative mindset to deliver on CSL’s value of superior performance every season.

“Employees at CSL certainly seem to like a good challenge,” Wolozyn said. “And we always find a way to accomplish what's needed whether it's for a patient, for our business and certainly for each other.”

While the challenging nature of the business and his role keeps things interesting, he shared that carving out time to go fly fishing out on his local streams helps him recharge to take on whatever comes his way.

“It’s just peace and serenity, getting out there and really understanding where to find the trout in the stream,” he said. “It is just an absolute pleasure, an absolute release. And actually, I do some of my best thinking about work, believe it or not, while I’m out on the stream.”

Tune in to the video below to find out more about what drives David Wolozyn and hear more about his role at CSL Seqirus